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Hi Tom,

Just wanted to let you know I spoke with Leigh from L & H and directed her to the WBC website. She also mentioned referring a patient on Friday who was SO happy to get an appointment right away! She said she refers a lot of her patients to Westside.


I have had a great experience with my (Westside) therapist. She has bent over backward to schedule me and continue my self journey.

Ben B.

For the past several years, we've been closely monitoring the quality of our network practitioners. We are pleased to say that you are among those demonstrating the best clinical outcomes.  Thank you again for continuing to provide exceptional care and service to our members.

Jerry Vaccaro, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
PacifiCare Behavioral Health

We would like to offer our sincere appreciation for the excellent care you provide to our members.

Michelle Brennan-Cooke, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Network Services
United Behavioral Health

I love your online scheduler. It's unheard of that I saw the patient in the Emergency Department at Lutheran yesterday and she already has an appointment set for 6:00PM today. Thanks for this great service.

Rand L. Kannenberg, M.A., CCM, LAC
Assessment and Referral Specialist
Exempla Behavioral Health

Dear Thomas,

It will be a pleasure to work with Westside Behavioral Care who provides some of the best outpatient services in the Front Range.  After many years of hearing your name, it was great to meet you in person.

Best regards,
Tom Swartz
Case Manager, Assessment and Referral Team
Exempla West Pines Hospital
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

After the training yesterday morning I used the online scheduling for Westside Behavioral Care last night for the first time (again, I had used their service once by telephone previously as well). The patient I saw in the ED at ELMC was not appropriate for CD IOP or BH IOP or Medication Clinic, but needed an individual therapy session ASAP. It worked great. There was someone who accepted her insurance, specialized in her problem areas, was close to where she lived and worked, had appointments available as soon as both today and Saturday, etc.


You're very welcome! I really like the system you have... setting up an appointment myself is very easy and much appreciated by the patient.

Brenda G.

Boy, I've really utilized you recently, haven't I? I am grateful that I have you as a resource.

Take care,

Your service is great. This most recent patient is the husband of an RN in the ER here. She came to me asking for help. She couldn't or didn't want to wait for "weeks or months" to have him seen. Your therapist was able to see the patient in two days!


I am proud to be affiliated with a group of diverse and competent professionals who emphasize user-friendly and high-quality client services. Specifically, the streamlined scheduling and referral processes make access to appropriate care an easy and comfortable process for clients and clinicians. The convenience of direct referrals and appointment scheduling without the hassles of multiple calls with hit-or-miss results is unique in these times. Westside is an innovative group that continues to grow and move forward in response to an ever-changing marketplace.

Sandra Sims, Ph.D.

Westside has always been available to address and fix problems. Thanks for helping me get started with my private practice in Colorado.

Michael Pipich, LMFT

Westside Behavioral Care: Professional, positive attitude, responsive, great website.

Sarah Page, LCSW

Outstanding in terms of consistently building a practice, networking with external referral sources, and being immediately available for questions and support help. The scheduling service is excellent, and the organization is highly professional and strives to make therapists feel valued and included!!!!!

Bernedine Merker

Westside allows me to do something I love with lots of independence.

Sue Medeiros, LCSW

I enjoy my experience with Westside. The referrals are good and I especially like not having to deal with insurance companies – Westside takes care of all the billing hassles. Thank you!

Jane Robb, LCSW

Always professional with timely correspondence.

Jane Plattner, LCSW

Westside Behavioral Care has been a great experience. Very generous, flexible, helpful, supportive.

Janelle, Bessette, MA

Being an “old timer” with the organization, I have appreciated being treated with respect. I feel that my concerns are listened to. I believe the clinic model fills an important need as delivery systems for mental health services disintegrate across the U.S. I particularly appreciate that people can call one number and get an appointment.

Bonnie Mucklow, LCSW

The staff has been pleasant to work with.

Theresa Kastl, MA, LPC

Westside is a great group to work with, and I have had many ongoing, wonderful referrals from them. I have been kept very busy and appreciate the number of referrals that they send me. The scheduling service is effective and communicates with clinicians through both phone and email on every referral and we therefore are always apprised of new referrals.

Hilde Newman, LCSW

I can say that my interaction with every member of the Westside team has been incredibly positive. All are helpful, available, supportive and kind and clearly work hard to ensure the professionalism of the organization and to best meet and serve the mental health needs of our community.

Stacey MacGlashan, LCSW

Regarding my experience with Westside, I've been quite satisfied with it, particularly when I was starting my practice, as it gave me a very dependable source of referrals.

Mary Duquaine, Ph.D.

I would like to say that my experiences with Westside Behavioral Care, Inc. have been nothing short of fabulous! I am serious, everyone is friendly, professional and very willing to help in any way they can. I thank each and every one of you who have answered my endless questions, those who schedule my appointments, those who apprise me that I have an appointment and anyone I may have missed-THANK-YOU!

Janet Coutts, LPC

A professional organization and affords much easier access to psychiatrists than without being connected to Westside. Offers opportunities that otherwise might not exist to clinicians.

Karen Hauser, LCSW

Working with Westside Behavioral Care has been a really great experience. Westside has helped me to build my practice steadily and quickly. The group of clinicians at Westside is professional and well experienced and I feel proud to be a part of it. It's great to work such diverse practitioners. This gives me a pool of resources to refer to when needed.

Sue Monahan, LCSW

It is a joy to work with Westside.

Sue Cogswell, Clinical Nurse Specialist

I used my affiliation with Westside to make the jump from a very part-time private practice to a full-time one. As quickly as I put intakes on the Westside calendar, they are filled. It only took me about five months to get to the point I wanted to be in terms of income. The practice assistance I got at the beginning was invaluable. The schedulers and especially the billing people are also very helpful.

Julie Unger, LPC

I have been associated with Westside Behavioral Care since 2000. I have found the quality of providers and the services provided through WBC to be excellent. I have enjoyed a positive working relationship with many of the therapists and find it easy to collaborate with them to provide the best possible care to our clients.

Carolyn Dacres, CNS

I love your service, Tom. It's great for my patients, the ED doctors, me, etc. Thanks for what you do!




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